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Greenlit: Myra Hindley: The Untold Story, Channel 5

Myra Hindley: The Untold Story (1 x 60′) –  Documentary series about Moors Murderer, Myra Hindley.

Episode One: The Brady Factor  – Focuses on Myra Hindley’s childhood and upbringing and events that led up to her initial meeting with Ian Brady, and the start of their relationship that would quickly become sadistic. The film has access to Myra’s unpublished autobiography and focuses on her violent upbringing, her life in Gorton and early events that she claims influenced and shaped her personality . Myra’s early loves are explored and how she was immediately bowled over by Ian when she met him at work and how her obsession with him developed.

Contributors include:

  •  Allan Grafton – a childhood friend of Myra
  • Sue Carter – school friend who’s never spoken publically before
  • Terry Kilbride – brother of victim John Kilbride
  • Exclusive interview with Mary Smith (David Smith’s widow). David was Myra’s brother in-law who reported 5th murder to the police
  • Dr David Holmes – leading criminologist and Myra expert
  • Duncan Staff – Journalist and author who inherited all of Myra’s papers
  • Father Michael Teader – Myra’s Catholic prison chaplain at Highpoint


Episode  Two: The One that got Away –  Will tell each of the stories of the five children the couple killed and the accounts of those who got away – most notably David Smith, who was being groomed as Ian’s next acolyte even as Ian and Myra debated killing him. It will explore the bizarre details of the crimes, such as the different vinyl records, with ominous and prescient lyrics, which Ian gave Myra the morning of each murder. The film reveals the meticulous planning that preceded the murders and the loves and hates that drove Ian further from society, drawing Myra with him, including his fixation with Hitler, his mystical attachment to the wildness of Saddleworth Moor and his fascination with the Marquis de Sade’s cruel sexuality.

Contributors include:

  •  Terry Kilbride – brother of victim
  • Geoff Knupfer – former Det Chf Supt with Greater Manchester Police
  • Ian Bennett – Former reporter of Oldham Chronicle who covered the case in the ’60s

Episode Three: The Lost Body –  This episode will focus on the dramatic revelations during the original police investigation, as the truth emerged that the Evans murder was not a one-off, and Brady and Hindley were serial killers. We reveal how during this inquiry, and the fresh investigation in 1987, all the cases bar one were resolved: Keith Bennett’s body was never recovered. We explore how, as Brady and Hindley circled each other like scorpions over the years, their manipulations contributed to the agony for Keith’s family. And we see also how Myra’s relentless campaign to shift public opinion and win release muddied the truth.

Contributors include:

  •  Det Chf Supt Geoff Knupfer – in charge of reviewing the original case, and second in command during the 1987 searches
  • Det Chf Supt Roy Rainford – head of close contact personal protection for Myra in 1987 – he experienced firsthand her manipulative behaviour and lies
  • PC Bob Spiers – found Lesley Ann Downey’s body just as police were about to give up
  • DC Ian Fairley – first to link Brady to a second disappearance: John Kilbride’s
  • Professor John Hunter – Forensic archaeologist involved in the on-going search for Keith’s body

Channel: Channel 5

Producer: Nine Lives Media Production

TX: Summer 3013

Source: Channel 5 press release


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