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Greenlit: Long Live Britain, BBC1

Long Live Britain (1 x 60′ + 1 x 50′) –  A one-off, record-breaking televised event that will challenge the way we tackle three of Britain’s biggest preventable diseases.

The show will attempt to host Britain’s biggest-ever health screening, potentially testing thousands of possible undiagnosed sufferers for the three secret killers that collectively kill 200,000 each year and affect an estimated 11 million people each year – Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and liver disease. Presented by Julia Bradbury, Phil Tufnell and Dr Phil Hammond, the fascinating results will be screened over one night.

For one day during the Rugby Football League’s Magic Weekend in Manchester, a BBC One team of presenters, experts and 50 NHS volunteers will aim to screen over 1,000 rugby fans and locals – the most people that have ever been screened in one place. With help from three leading charities (Diabetes UK, HEART UK and the British Liver Trust) and the local NHS, anyone identified as being high-risk from one of Britain’s secret killers will be given advice to help reduce their risk of developing a potentially life-limiting condition.

Long Live Britain has also screened some famous faces to see if any of them are at risk of developing one of these potentially lethal conditions. Three of them – Ricky Grover, Jodie Prenger and Crissy Rock – were so shocked by what they found that they’ve agreed to find out more about how these conditions are affecting their bodies – and what they can do to turn their lives round before it’s too late.

Channel: BBC1

Producer: Maverick Television

TX: June 2013

Source: BBC press release


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