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Greenlit: James Nesbitt’s New Zealand, ITV

James Nesbitt’s New Zealand w/t (1 x 60′ –  The actor offers his unique and personal perspective on a country he has huge affection for after living there with his family for extended periods in recent years while filming his role as dwarf Bofur in the Hobbit trilogy.
The  documentary follows James as he travels the 1600 km length of the North and South islands, immersing himself in the characters, culture and scenery that define New Zealand life.  From being tattooed [temporarily!] by the Maoris and whale watching at Kaikoura to performing the haka, James will delve into its history and offer his take on the country’s enduring allure for Brits.
Channel: ITV

Producer: Alaska TV


Source: ITV press release


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