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Greenlit: Inside Job, TNT

Inside Job (6 x ) – A new unscripted series that puts executive job candidates through a truly unique screening process that includes being spied upon by a company insider in order to find the most suitable candidate.

Each week, one of America’s hottest companies will invite four highly qualified job candidates to compete for a six-figure executive position. For one week, they’ll live together, work together and play together as part of the interview and hiring process.

What the candidates don’t know, however, is that one of their fellow candidates is already a management executive of the company. This undercover insider will monitor every move the job candidates make – good or bad – and report the findings back to the boss. At the end of the week, the insider will be revealed, and it is the insider who will decide who is the most deserving candidate to be offered the job of a lifetime.

Channel: TNT

Producer: All3Media America / Studio Lambert

TX: 2014

Source: TNT press release


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