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Greenlit: First Dates, Channel 4

First Dates  w/t  (8 x 60′) –  An interactive documentary series, following the thrills, fears and loves of modern dating.

With 9 million Brits now looking for love online, this series offers the opportunity to experience what it is really like to meet potential partners from the internet for the first time. The First Dates restaurant will be the setting for people from all walks of life, from around the country looking for love – and who might just find someone to share their life with.

Using a fixed-rig, the  series follows eight first-time couples each week. From the moment they lay eyes on each other to their parting glance, the programmes show every shared joke, faux pas and blossoming connection as the series aims to capture first love unfolding.

At the end of every date, all couples will talk candidly to the camera about their evening and answer the killer question – will they see each other again? In a twist to the series, if the answer is a resounding no, some of the unsuccessful daters will appeal to the nation for people to put themselves forward via channel4.com, as their potential next date. Just a few days later, a viewer could be sitting opposite them in the next episode.

Channel: Channel 4

Producer: Twenty Twenty

TX: Summer 2013

Source: Channel 4 press release


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