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Greenlit: Ape Man, NGCI

Ape Man (3 x 60′) – While humans may fancy themselves as a highly sophisticated species, much of our behavior is distinctly primal. With the help of Peter Elliot, whose career in Hollywood has seen him become the go-to actor in movie roles as Apes and Primates, this series introduces viewers to their inner apes to expose our most basic instincts, and their origins in the primate world. Each episode focuses on a different relationship between human/ape behavior – from how office politics can mimic alpha male hierarchies in the primate world to why humans have an overwhelming desire to be accepted by our peers. And, even how men can learn a thing or two from their ape cousins about making a great first impression, an irresistible first move, and going on a fool-proof first date.

Channel: National Geographic Channels International

Producer: Blink Films

TX: 2013

Source: NCGI press release (via Casbaa)


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