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Greenlit: Weather That Changed the World, Weather Channel

Weather That Changed the World  (9 x 30′) – drought, torrential rain, extreme cold and unpredictable winds are among nature’s most powerful forces. Those extreme conditions have also created dramatic turning points in history. Evidence from historic battles and lost civilizations shows how underestimating or incorrectly predicting the weather has often had unexpected consequences. How did an iceberg cause the Titanic to sink? When did bad weather save the U.S. Capitol? How and when did weather and natural forces wage war directly on entire populations – sometimes erasing them completely? Through past extreme weather footage, reconstructions and surprise insight from experts, this series reveals how the history of the world has been defined by weather and how weather-shaped events impact us today.

Channel: The Weather Channel

Producer:  Pioneer  Productions

TX: 6th June 2013

SourceThe Weather Channel press release


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