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Greenlit: The Greatest Show on Earth, Channel 4

The Greatest Show on Earth – Daisy Donovan gets to grips with some of the most popular television shows in the world.

There’s no better window on the soul of a country than its TV, so Daisy’s off to immerse herself in the TV of some very different cultures, including the Arab world, Brazil, India and South Korea.

Why do Egyptian’s love seeing celebrities being taken hostage at gunpoint on the country’s top prank TV show? Why are dancing children celebrated in such a huge way on Indian television? And is it any surprise that Brazil’s most revealing talent show isn’t to find the greatest singer or dancer, it’s a search for Miss Bum Bum.

As well as meeting the stars of the shows, Daisy takes part herself, including reciting poetry in ancient Arabic for an audience of 70 million on the Middle East’s answer to The X Factor and getting a spot on Na Mira, Brazil’s bloody version of Crimewatch.

Daisy discovers that the roles of women in societies are brought into sharp relief by the way they are portrayed on a culture’s TV. She meets veiled women in Saudi Arabia, bikini-clad models in Brazil, refugee women from North Korea and encounters deep soul-searching about the traditional position of women in India.

Channel: Channel 4

Producer: RDF Television

TX: 2013

Source: Channel 4 press release


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