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Greenlit: The Call Centre, BBC3

The Call Centre  (5 x ) – A series set inside the self-styled world of Nev Wilshire, the CEO of a Swansea call centre. Nev’s motto is “Happy People Sell”, and Nev stops at nothing to make people happy. Whether he is matchmaking, coming to work on a horse, or helping the tea lady arrange Strictly Come Prancing, Nev wants to motivate and energise his team.

As the call centre employs hundreds of young people with big dreams and crazy schemes, no two days are ever alike in Nev’s world. There are distractions, battles, humiliations, broken hearts, winners and losers, but there is good money for those who can knuckle down and make sales.

Channel: BBC One Wales

Producer: BBC Cymru Wales

TX: June 2013

SourceBBC press release


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