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Greenlit: Terror in the Sky, Channel 4

Terror in the Sky (4 x 60′) – Flying has never been safer, but every day, somewhere in the world, there’s an aviation near miss. In this series, aeronautical engineer Brendan Walker brings his authoritative eye to amazing footage of aviation incidents and near misses, and asks, what do they tell us about safety in the sky. Have we reached the limits of how safe we can make flying, and, as we fly more, cheaper, faster, are we pushing the envelope too far?

Brendan tells some of the most amazing stories of aviation survival and bravery form the last couple of years, as well as uncovering shocking incidents from pilots and air traffic controllers falling asleep, to planes that are meant to fly themselves, to lightning, turbulence and volcanic ash. We see the 10mm washer that made a plane explode, and discover how the wrong sort of ice caused all engines to cut out on a flight coming into Heathrow.

As well as shocking video and audio footage, Brendan will visit some of the world’s leading aviation research centres, to take part in hands-on experiments, revealing the surprising, often chilling science, the business decisions, and the incompetence that puts passengers’ lives in danger.

Channel: Channel 4

Producer: Arrow Media

TX: 2013

Source: Channel 4 press release


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