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Greenlit: Mysteries of the Deep With Monty Halls, Channel 5

Mysteries of the Deep with Monty Halls w/t (4 x 60′) – Explorer and marine biologist Monty Halls goes in search of the real story behind some of the world’s greatest underwater mysteries, pushing himself to the limit on dangerous, deep sea dives.

  • Off a remote Japanese island Monty battles fierce currents to explore an incredible underwater site which some claim is Japan’s very own lost city of Atlantis
  • In Egypt, he unravels the mystery of what’s become known as ‘the divers’ graveyard’, in the Blue Hole of Dahab.
  • In America, Monty braves the freezing temperatures of Lake Huron to dive a perfectly preserved ghost ship which sank in a snow storm in1875. On first inspection it looks completely undamaged, so what caused it to sink?
  • Finally, Monty searches for a safe dumped at the bottom of an African lake during World War 1 which is rumoured to contain £50 Million worth of gold.

Many of the dives will take Monty to the margins of survivable depth, and the locations present their own unique challenges, but Monty won’t be leaving until he’s unlocked each of their underwater secrets.

Channel: Channel 5

Producer: Tigress / GroupM Entertainment

TX: 2013

Source: Channel 5 press release


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