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Greenlit: Landlords, BBC1

Landlords w/t (1 x 60′) – Driven by the increasing costs of buying a house, more people are now renting than for many years. But for this new “generation rent” times are tough, declining incomes and benefit cuts have made it harder and harder to pay the rent.  This film shows the sharp end of renting and tells the dramatic stories of what can go wrong from both landlords and tenants perspectives from across Britain when the money runs out.
The landlord and their tenant are forced together in a relationship of trust, but like all relationships, it’s fine when you’re getting on, but when things break down it’s a different story.  For the landlord getting rid of tenants – who can’t or won’t pay – can take years and can cost them huge amounts of money.  Even so the number of evictions is still going through the roof – up 70% in the past three years.  For the tenant experiencing the benefit cuts across the board, thousands are being left unable to carry on paying the rent often in accommodation which isn’t fit for purpose.  These are the tales from the frontline of generation rent.

Channel: BBC1

Producer: Blast! Films

TX: Summer 2013

Source: BBC press release


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