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Greenlit: Great British Budget Menu, BBC1

Great British Budget Menu w/t (1 x 60′) –   Three of Britain’s top chefs take on the issue of rising food prices and the devastating impact it’s having on millions of people across the country.  Good, tasty, nutritious food is the cornerstone of a happy and healthy life, but for a large portion of the country just getting food on the table is a struggle.  According to latest figures, nearly five million Brits currently live in food poverty and with food prices rising more than three times faster than the average worker’s pay package, households throughout Britain are at crisis point. Many families have less than £10 per person to spend on food each week, and last year 280,000 of us had to turn to food banks for help.

In this series, three of the best chefs in the country will go on an emotional rollercoaster ride to throw light on these pressing issues. Familiar BBC faces James Martin, Richard Corrigan and Angela Hartnett will live with households who are struggling to get food on the table – experiencing first-hand the reality of life on Britain’s breadline.  The chefs will then carry what they’ve learnt into a Great British Menu banquet unlike any that has gone before. With guests invited from Britain’s high street supermarkets, the world of politics and celebrity, our chefs will compete to impress the usual trio of judges alongside special guest judge Mary Berry, who learnt to cook in the time of WW2 rationing. The twist is there won’t be a luxury ingredient in sight – each chef will have to rustle up a two-course meal on the same per-person budget as their host family is forced to live on, with extra points for thriftiness.  Packed full of great economical cooking on unfeasibly tiny budgets, competition, drama and raw emotion – this programme will change the way we think about hunger and poverty in Great Britain today.

Channel: BBC1

Producer: Optomen

TX: Summer 2013

Source: BBC press release


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