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Greenlit: Do You Speak English? Channel 4

Do You Speak English? (2 x 60′) – There are almost one million immigrants living in the UK who can’t speak the English language. In this new series, we will follow four first-generation immigrants as they try and learn the English language for the first time taught by ordinary British people. Each immigrant will live and spend a week with a British family who can apply their own unique ways to try and teach their guest how to speak English.

Our four immigrants all entered Britain over a year ago, but none of them managed to learn English in their time living here. Now each of them has their own special reason for wanting to learn. For some it means more opportunities for work and the chance of a fresh future for them and their family while for others it an end to seclusion and loneliness.

After a week, the roles will be reversed and the British hosts leave their homes behind to spend a week living with their new immigrant friend. They will continue to teach English and see how the immigrants cope speaking English in their own community and practising it in their day-to-day lives. The hosts will also discover what the lives are like for people who come to a multi-cultural Britain looking for a new start yet.

Do You Speak English? will provide immigrants with the best crash course into learning the English language where they’ll be taught by the natives themselves. For the British, they get a first-hand insight into immigration – how do communities exist in the UK where virtually no English is spoken and what can the British families do to help their new friends integrate better.

Channel: Channel 4

Producer: Love Productions

TX: May 2013

Source: Channel 4 press release


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