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Greenlit: D-Day: As It Happens, Ch4

D-Day: As It Happens – A 24-hour history event due for transmission across TV, web, mobile devices and social media. The project will enable viewers and users to experience this pivotal moment in twentieth century history in real time, by tracing – moment by moment – what happened to 7 real participants on the day.

New, unpublished research has been used to assemble archive film, photographs, radio reports and other records of D-Day on a 24-hour timeline and play it out in parallel with the present, so that each element of the timeline is released out at the minute it happened in 1944. Through this research, the programme will trace the progress of the ‘D-Day 7’ (among them a paratrooper, a midget submariner, a nurse and a military cameraman) via the footage. An hour-long television programme on 5th will tell the backstories of the 7 and set out their missions over the 24 hours to come, and another on 6th will recap the day and reveal what happened to each. In between, users will be able to keep up with their progress online, via Twitter, and through short-form updates on the channel.

The television coverage will be presented by Peter Snow, with Channel 4 Paralympics presenter and former marine Arthur Williams and experts including former British Army officer Colonel Tim Collins and front-line journalist Lorna Ward. The project draws on new and unpublished research by Colin Henderson, a British historian who has spent the last 15 years meticulously analysing the archive material on D-Day to identify individual soldiers.

Channel: Channel 4

Producer: Windfall / Digit

TX: 5th / 6th June 2013

Source: Channel 4 press releas


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