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Greenlit: Cycling High: Doping to Win, Nat Geo

Cycling High: Doping to Win (1 x 60′) –  Documentary profiling one of sports’ most high profile scandals, dissecting the story of the science and scheming behind the saga of what’s been called “the most sophisticated and successful doping scheme in all of sports.”  It documents Lance Armstrong’s epic fall from grace, using infographics, re-creations, archival footage and new interviews. 

Using the investigative style of the popular series Drugs, Inc and the critically acclaimed Inside franchise, Cycling High gives an explosive 360° view of what has become the most famous and damning doping scheme in sports history.
Guided by the comprehensive U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) Report, this  in-depth special pieces together the eyewitness testimonies and delves into the illicit science to reveal how the USADA says the doping plot began and then mushroomed in its complexity.
It includes expert analysis and perspective on this alleged conspiracy with original interviews from top authors, writers and experts, including Dr. Chris Cooper (author,Run, Swim, Throw, Cheat: The Science Behind Drugs in Sport), Joe Lindsey (writer, Bicycling Magazine), Reed Albergotti (reporter, The Wall Street Journal and author, Wheelmen), Juliet Macur (reporter, The New York Times), Jeffrey Tillotson (attorney) and Stephen Swart (former professional cyclist).
In addition, viewers will go inside how the USADA reports that Armstrong and his co-conspirators outfoxed drug-testing officials, race after race.  There are interviews from Travis Tygart, USADA chief executive officer, as well as from members of Armstrong’s inner circle—riders like Tyler Hamilton, team masseuse Emma O’Reilly, and Betsy Andreu. The documentary also details Armstrong and his teammates’ elaborate system of avoiding detection: specially timing their drug use and warning one another, allowing them to ride under the radar. And there are less sophisticated measures, such as simply hiding from testers knocking on their doors.
Channel: National Geographic

Producer: Peacock Productions

TX: 21st April 2013

Source:  Nat Geo press release (via TV by the Numbers)


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