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Greenlit: Boom Town, BBC3

Boom Town  (6 x 30′) –  A structured reality television programme, celebrating some of Britain’s most wonderfully eccentric individuals. Some of the programme’s scenes have been enhanced for viewers’ entertainment but the individuals starring in the show are all real: their lives, passions and dialogue are all their own, and all have the ability to entertain, simply by being themselves.

These unique individuals come from all over the UK, but if they lived in the same place, it would be Boom Town. From strippers to superheroes, the show is a feast of colourful characters, each with their very own, self-composed catchphrases and quirky qualities.

Some of the characters we will meet in the series include Cream, the rapper “on the edge of international stardom” but currently composing tracks from his parents’ house, and doing a variety of jobs to pay his mum the rent; Joel, the train, plane, car and dog spotter; Kev the witch, for whom magic is a helpful tool in life’s common tasks, such as increasing the value of his house; and Jonny Nash: self-confessed ladies’ man and lyrical genius, reciting his unique chat-up lines to women, from the local pub to the gym.

Channel: BBC3

Producer: Knickerbockerglory

TX: Mid-August 2013

Source: BBC press release


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