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Greenlit: Backyard Oil, Discovery Channel

Backyard Oil In this high stakes comical rollercoaster ride through the world of wildcat oil drilling, the right equipment, the perfect location and a hint of good luck is the key to making millions – if you know where to sink that drill bit. The series follows the fortunes of the most boot-strappin’ oil men in all of Appalachia as they help others find that sweet, sweet crude. Oil sells for close to $100 a barrel, and there’s a modern day oil boom hitting Kentucky as people race to enlist the services of the Backyard Oimen to make them millions. Most think they have oil, few find it, and it’s up to this motley crew to fight until the bid is won and the next great monster oil well is drilled.

Channel: Discovery Channel

TX: 2013 / 2014

Source: Discovery Channel press release


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