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Greenlit: Pretty Wicked Moms, Lifetime

Pretty Wicked Moms (9 x 30′ ) – Ah, the cut-throat, crazy world of competitive mothering…and for six feisty Atlanta mothers in this new unscripted comedy, it’s a raging, raucous mommy war.  Jockeying to be the ultimate mom, this perfectly coiffed and manicured clique will stop at nothing to one-up each other.  Whether it’s extravagant […]

In: Mike Maniaci, Development Manager, CMT

Mike Maniaci has been appointed as Development Manager at CMT, based in New York and reporting to Joe Livecchi, VP Development.   Source: C21 Media

In: Jon Unger, Development Manager, CMT

Jon Unger has been appointed as Development Manager at CMT, based in Los Angeles and reporting to Joe Livecchi, VP Development.   Source: C21 Media

In: Gary Auerbach, EVP Development and Programming, Wilshire Studios

Gary Auerbach has been appointed as Executive Vice President of VP of Development and Programming Wilshire Studios, overseeing nonscripted programming and reporting to Steve Dolcemaschio, president. Read more: Realscreen

Greenlit: House of Curves, WE tv

House of Curves (6 x 60′) – Docuseries that focuses on  Atlanta-based, plus-sized fashion designer Kenyatta Jones as she takes on the skinny world of fashion with her edgy, fashion-forward designs. The show follows the passionate and hilarious trials of designer Kenyatta Jones as she kicks down the doors of fashion with her six-inch stilettos, […]

Greenlit: Boom Town, BBC3

Boom Town  (6 x 30′) –  A structured reality television programme, celebrating some of Britain’s most wonderfully eccentric individuals. Some of the programme’s scenes have been enhanced for viewers’ entertainment but the individuals starring in the show are all real: their lives, passions and dialogue are all their own, and all have the ability to entertain, […]

In: Charlotte Moore, Acting Controller, BBC1

Charlotte Moore, the BBC’s current Commissioning Editor of Documentaries,  has been appointed Acting Controller of BBC One until a permanent appointment is made in the wake of Danny Cohen’s departure to the post of Director of Television. Source: BBC press release

Greenlit: Mysteries of the Deep With Monty Halls, Channel 5

Mysteries of the Deep with Monty Halls w/t (4 x 60′) – Explorer and marine biologist Monty Halls goes in search of the real story behind some of the world’s greatest underwater mysteries, pushing himself to the limit on dangerous, deep sea dives. Off a remote Japanese island Monty battles fierce currents to explore an […]

In Development: The Imposter, GSN

The Imposter   –  Two contestants who have an existing relationship (i.e. friends, siblings, husband and wife) move into another family’s home for 48 hours. They must observe the family’s every move and judge their dynamics. The twist is that one of the family members is a fake.  They have been embedded with the real family in […]

In Development: Mind of a Man, GSN

Mind of a Man  –  What are men really thinking? In each episode, two female contestants will try to figure out what men really think about dating, marriage, working and all manner of manly pursuits. The questions on the show have all been previously asked and answered by a survey of 100 men. Over three rounds, […]

In Development: Mind Games, truTV

Mind Games w/t  (Pilot) –  Everybody wins when hypnotist and host Will Miner takes total control of unsuspecting people and gets them to compete on a game show in which they don’t even know they are players. Channel: truTV TX: TBC Source: truTV press release

In Development: It Takes a Church, GSN

It Takes a Church  ( x 60′) –  A church goes on a mission to find love for one lucky, single parishioner…without them knowing!  Each week, we’ll visit another church from across the country and surprise a single girl (or guy) with the news that she is about to be saved from the dating world. The […]

In Development: Dance Rivals, GSN

Dance Rivals – The hotbed of dancing in the United States can be found in an unlikely location. The population of Orem, Utah is only 84,000— yet one in 40 is a dancer. Several of Orem’s dancers have gone on to win regional, national and world championships.  But succeeding in Orem isn’t easy. The city […]

In Development: Barnstormers, truTV

Barnstormers w/t  (Pilot) –  There’s big money to be found in barns across the Southern states of the USA. This show follows teams of experts who bid on and buy old barns hoping to make a fortune off of the contents and the actual wood. The only problem is they can’t go inside before they make an […]

Greenlit: Heroes of War, History UK / H2

Heroes of War (5 x 60′) – Documentary series that uses reconstruction, archive film, expert interviews and eyewitness testimony to tell the story of Polish WWII heroes – spies, code-breakers and soldiers. Channel: H2 / History Producer: Sky Vision TX: Late 2013 Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: Landlords, BBC1

Landlords w/t (1 x 60′) – Driven by the increasing costs of buying a house, more people are now renting than for many years. But for this new “generation rent” times are tough, declining incomes and benefit cuts have made it harder and harder to pay the rent.  This film shows the sharp end of […]

Greenlit: My £9.50 Holiday, BBC1

My £9.50 Holiday  (1 x 40′) –  This  show gets to grips with the growing phenomenon of the newspaper voucher holiday, and the British families from all walks of life and all over the country who are taking advantage of these super-low cost breaks.  As consumers look for ways to adapt to the recession, the […]

Greenlit: Nick & Margaret – Benefits: How Much Is Enough?, BBC1

Nick & Margaret – Benefits: How Much Is Enough? w/t (2 x 60′) – Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford launch an ambitious experiment to discover how much benefit is enough to live on.  Four claimants and four taxpayers will come face to face to explore each other’s lives and speak their minds.  Their aim: to […]

Greenlit: Eat Well For Less? BBC1

Eat Well For Less? (1 x 60′) – Presented by Masterchef host Gregg Wallace and brand new talent, Grocer Chris Bavin, Eat Well for Less? is a tale of two dinners – one expensive and one cheap.  The show aims to get to the bottom of a key culinary debate – what are we really […]

Greenlit: Great British Budget Menu, BBC1

Great British Budget Menu w/t (1 x 60′) –   Three of Britain’s top chefs take on the issue of rising food prices and the devastating impact it’s having on millions of people across the country.  Good, tasty, nutritious food is the cornerstone of a happy and healthy life, but for a large portion of the […]

Greenlit: Your Money Their Tricks, BBC1

Your Money Their Tricks  (4 x 60′ ) –  Presented by Nicky Campbell, Sian Williams and Rebecca Wilcox, this consumer series fighting back against the companies and industries determined to relieve us of our cash.  The series will tackle industry heavyweights across motor, travel, entertainment and retail, stripping them bare to reveal their tricks – […]

Greenlit: The Man Who Shot Beautiful Women, BBC3

The Man Who Shot Beautiful Women (1 x 60′) – Model Erin O’Connor narrates a documentary about the photographer Erwin Blumenfeld, who shot hundreds of images for Vogue in the mid-20th century before dying in mysterious circumstances. Channel: BBC4 Producer: Thinking Violets / BBC In-House TX: 2013 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Ashley Banjo: The Town That Danced Again, Sky1

Ashley Banjo: The Town That Danced Again (6 x 60′) – Ashley Banjo, star of street dance crew Diversity travels to the north-east of England to visit Stockon-on-Tees, a town that was home to many popular dance halls in the mid-20th century with the mission of getting the locals dancing again. Channel: Sky1 Producer: Shine […]

In Development: Cold Hard Catch, truTV

Cold Hard Catch  (Pilot) –  Operating off of 20-mile-wide Lake Mille Lacs, ice-fishing resort owner Daron Stenvold has just ten weekends a year to make enough money to keep his business afloat. He and his team of “ice guys” juggle the challenges of running almost an entire business on frozen water. Giant cracks in the ice, unprecedented […]

Greenlit: The Hook Up, MTV

The Hook Up w/t  – Andrew Schulz of MTV2’s popular hit series Guy Code hosts a dating show in which individuals looking for a match will choose from four potential suitors based on their social media history. With the help of their closest friends, the contestants will try to separate the contenders from the pretenders to […]

Greenlit: Nurse Nation, MTV

Nurse Nation w/t  – A new docu-series that follows nine twenty-something travel nurses all assigned to work at a new hospital in a brand new city for 13 weeks.  Some of them have been doing this for years, while others are on their first tour.  Cameras will be there every step of the way as […]

Greenlit: Generation Cryo, MTV

Generation Cryo ( x 60′) – Explores the issues faced by a new generation of kids coming of age who were conceived via anonymous sperm donors and are redefining what it means to be a family. The series will document the journey of Breeanna, a 17-year-old only child, who recently logged onto the Donor Sibling […]

Greenlit: The Nation’s Favourite Elvis Song, ITV

The Nation’s Favourite Elvis Song (1 x 90′) – A countdown show that reveals Britain’s favourite Elvis track. Producer: Shiver TX: TBC Source: C21 Media

Greenlit: D-Day: As It Happens, Ch4

D-Day: As It Happens – A 24-hour history event due for transmission across TV, web, mobile devices and social media. The project will enable viewers and users to experience this pivotal moment in twentieth century history in real time, by tracing – moment by moment – what happened to 7 real participants on the day. […]

Greenlit: Mobile Chef, Food Network Asia

Mobile Chef (8 x 30′) – Ryan Clift, a chef who likes to use scientific techniques in his kitchen hosts this cooking show. Channel: Food Network Asia (supported by Media Development Authority) TX: 19th May 2013 Source: C21

Greenlit: Recipes That Rock, Food Network UK

Recipes That Rock (6 x 30′) – Blur bassist Alex James fronts a food-focused travel show. Channel: Food Network UK Producer: Mago Films TX: 24th June 2013 Source: Rapid TV News

Greenlit: Pizza Italiana with Thom and James, Food Network UK

Pizza Italiana with Thom and James Travel show for foodies. Channel: Food Network UK Producer: Rampage TX: 7th May 2013 Source: Rapid TV News

Greenlit: Giving You The Business, Food Network

Giving You The Business –  Employees with qualities that make ‘the perfect recipe for success’ are hand-selected by the CEO of their company to vie for the chance to win their own food franchise with an unexpected twist – they don’t know a thing about it!  Personally chosen for their loyalty and hard work, these […]

Greenlit: 9-11: The Heartland Tapes, Smithsonian Channel

 9-11: The Heartland Tapes –  Archive documentary that uses a variety of audio and video archive to tell the story of the unfolding events of 9-11, but in a way that gives a new perspective – that of people outside of the cities of Washington DC, New York  and Pennsylvania watching the story as it […]

Greenlit: Never Ever Do This at Home, Spike TV

Never Ever Do This At Home  (13 x 30′) – A new  acquired series that blends science, danger, and comedy with madcap experiments testing the limits of what a house can withstand – and beyond. The show  is hosted by Teddy Wilson, current co-host of the daily Canadian entertainment talk show, InnerSPACE, and award-winning comedian Norm Sousa […]

Geenlit: My Tiny Terror, Animal Planet

My Tiny Terror w/t – A small dog trainer travels the country and trains some of the naughtiest and tiniest dogs. While these teacup pups may look sweet, they’re causing mayhem in their owners’ homes. From incessant yapping at strangers to ankle bites that end with hospitalization, our expert has seen it all. He helps […]

Greenlit: The Fall and Rise of Swansea City, BBC Cymru Wales

The Fall and Rise of Swansea City – The story of  how the football club was rescued by its fans and how they took it to the top. This year Swansea City FC won their first major silverware in Wembley. It marked a return to the stadium where they won promotion to the Premier League in […]

Greenlit: Montecito, A&E

Montecito w/t (6 x 60′) – Docuseries following a group of rich Californian women as they learn to ballroom dance. Channel: A&E Producer: Ryan Seacrest Productions TX: TBC Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: The Explorers, Weather.com

The Explorers  w/t (6 x 2-4 mins) – Webseries that  profiles the world’s toughest pioneers who’ve battled the most extreme weather on Earth and lived to tell the tale. Channel: Weather.com Producer: Efran Films TX: 5th August 2013 Source: The Weather Channel press release

Greenlit: The Bucket List, Weather.com

The Bucket List w/t (6 x 2-4 mins) – Webseries that takes viewers on a journey to the most stunning natural places on Earth. Channel: Weather.com Producer: Efran Films TX: 1st July 2013 Source: The Weather Channel press release

Greenlit: Fight Back Britain, BBC1

Fight Back Britain (4 x 30′) – Docuseries that uses video footage and interviews to reveal the members of the public who are taking a stand against crime. Channel: BBC1 Producer: RDF Television TX: TBC Source: C21 Media

Greenlit: The Call Centre, BBC3

The Call Centre  (5 x ) – A series set inside the self-styled world of Nev Wilshire, the CEO of a Swansea call centre. Nev’s motto is “Happy People Sell”, and Nev stops at nothing to make people happy. Whether he is matchmaking, coming to work on a horse, or helping the tea lady arrange […]

Greenlit: Facing the Atlantic, Nat Geo, Discovery Networks, France TV, VRT

Facing the Atlantic (3 x 60′) – Natural history series that features the remote coasts of Western Europe. Channel: National Geographic, Discovery Networks, VRT, France TV Producer: Content Television TX: Late 2013 Source: Worldscreen

Greenlit: Viva Los Vargas, Mun2

Viva Los Vargas – Docureality series that follows Fernando Vargas, who has twice been crowed world boxing champion, as he copes with the highs and lows of bringing up a family. Channel:  Mun2 TX: 2014 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Swansea Back on the Street, BBC Cymru Wales

Swansea Back on the Street –   Swansea has become a magnet for homeless people and now their numbers are on the increase. Filmmakers Chris Rushton and Tracy Harris, who herself hails from the city, followed the desperate plight of Swansea’s homeless a year ago and now they have returned to find out if things have […]

Greenlit: The Million Second Quiz, NBC

 The Million Second Quiz –  A groundbreaking, live competition and the first fully convergent television experience, where viewers will be able to tune in to a 24/7 live stream, play along at home through digital platforms in real time, and sync to the live primetime broadcast. The competition, where time equals money, will air in […]

Greenlit: Auctioneers and Dealers, BBC1

Auctioneers and Dealers (1 x 45′) – Documentary that looks at some of the valuable items that can turn up in job lots of lost luggage and repossessed belongings. Channel: BBC1 Producer: RDF Television TX: TBC Source: C21 Media

Greenlit: Americarna, Velocity

Americarna – NASCAR head of crew Ray Evernham looks at how cars and American culture are intertwined. Channel: Velocity TX: January 2014 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Southern Fried Homicide, Investigation Discovery

Southern Fried Homicide – Against a backdrop of Southern hospitality, etiquette, and Christian values, evil creeps in like vines on a time-worn plantation. This show proves that ugliness lurks behind beauty when cracks in good ol’ moral values give way to cold-blooded murder. Actress Shanna Forrestall, a native of Louisiana, serves as the gatekeeper to these salacious […]

Greenlit: Collectoholics, BBC2

Collectoholics (3 x 60”) – Docuseries that explores the hoards of some of Britain’s most prolific collectors. Channel: BBC2 Producer: RDF Television TX: TBC Source: C21 Media

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