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Greenlit: Wild Nepal, Nat Geo WILD

Wild Nepal –  An epic journey to the other side of the world in partnership with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and featuring radio and television personality Billy Bush (Access Hollywood).

Bush will set off halfway around the world, first touring the sprawling city of Kathmandu before hopping onto a two-propeller plane, and then driving several hours toward the world’s tallest grasslands in majestic Chitwan National Park — a World Heritage Site that is home to a host of endangered species, such as rhinos, tigers and elephants.

Once in Kathmandu, Bush will spend his first evening immersed in the ancient cultures. The city exhibits in many respects a harmonious blend of humanity and the natural world, yet it is a crossroads for illicit trade in endangered animal parts. From Kathmandu, Bush departs with WWF and government scientists to the frontline of the conservation battle to save endangered Asian one-horned rhinos, which at one point were poached almost to extinction in Nepal but are now recovering thanks to intensive, relentless conservation efforts.

Bush and a team of scientists will set out on elephant-back to track, dart, collar and release one wild rhino and then monitor it with cutting-edge technology to better understand the creature’s habits and the resources needed to protect them. He will also explore the many other wildlife species that Nepal has to offer, including royal Bengal tigers, Gharial crocodiles, wild elephants, gaurs, four-horned antelopes, pangolins and golden monitor lizards.

Channel: Nat Geo WILD

Producer: Market Road Films

TX: Late 2013

Source: National Geographic press release (via TV by the Numbers)


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