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Greenlit: Scam City, Science Channel

Scam City  (10 x ) –  Docuseries that dissects the tactics of thieves, con men and scam artists in some of the busiest and most-densely-populated cities across the globe. World-renowned author, economist, and traveler Conor Woodman takes on a risky investigative role as he goes undercover with criminals in this rarely documented but all-too-common world. Talking to con artists up close and personal, our host takes us on a fascinating trip across the globe to famed destinations including Las Vegas, Rio De Janeiro and Dubai and more. Will Woodman be able to beat these scammers at their own game?

We follow him as he ventures into dark streets to unveil the inner workings of some of the world’s most intricate crime rings. Woodman sets up shady taxi drivers, illicit drug lords, and expert pick-pockets, playing the role of the innocent tourist, only to expose the routines of these seasoned criminals. Woodman’s undercover exposes provide a fascinating look into illegal practices that have victimized travelers for hundreds of years.

Episodes include:

  • Rio De Janeiro
  • New Delhi
  • Buenos Aires
  • Prague
  • Bangkok
  • Barcelona
  • Las Vegas
  • Rome
  • Istanbul

Channel: Science Channel

Producer: Handel Productions / Zig Zag Productions

TX: 15th April 2013

Source: Science Channel press release (via The Futon Critic)


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