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Greenlit: RIDE-iculous, Travel Channel

RIDE-iculous (13 x 30′) –  Strap in for the most insane, gut-wrenching rides and adrenaline attractions, as “extreme” is taken to a whole new level.  This series is an action-packed, just-can’t-believe-what-you’re-seeing series that celebrates the craziest thrill rides and adrenaline attractions – from the tallest human slingshot on the planet (400 feet!) and Europe’s highest bungee jump, to an underground zip line and kite snowboarding. The series travels around the globe and features the most hair-raising, gravity-defying rides, and viewers will be put right in the middle of the action!

Channel: Travel Channel

Producer:High Noon Entertainment

TX: 4th August 2013

Source: Travel Channel press release


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