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Greenlit: I’m Married To A…, VH1

I’m Married To A… (6 x ) – In the style of MTV’s True Life documentary series, this series gives viewers a glimpse of some of the most unconventional partnerships love has ever seen. It shines a light on how couples in the most unusual situations find love and make it work.

Episodes include:

  1. I’m Married to a Quadriplegic 
  2. I’m Married to a Gay Mormon
  3. I’m Married to Twins
  4. I’m Married to an Adult Baby
  5. I’m Married to a Plastic Surgery Addict
  6. I’m Married to…An Alien Abductee

Channel: VH1

Producer: Fishbowl Worldwide Media

TX: 21st April 2013

Source: VH1 press release


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