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Greenlit: How We Invented the World, Discovery Channel

How We Invented the World (4 x 60′) –  A documentary series that explores mankind’s creative genius by examining four inventions that define the modern world – cell phones, cars, planes and skyscrapers.  Each episode reveals fascinating stories and random events that ultimately led to the creation of these iconic inventions. By showcasing the minds behind the innovations that have shaped our lives in unimaginable ways,  the series highlights stories of human ingenuity, extraordinary connections and jaw-dropping events that have shaped the world as we know it.

  1.  How We Invented the World: CellphonesThe Titanic disaster, Frankenstein’s monster, and actress Hedy Lamarr — discover how these astonishing ingredients came together to connect the world, and put that smart phone in your pocket.
  2. How We Invented the World: SkyscrapersBorn from the ashes of the Chicago Fire, the skyscraper took root in America, and spread round the world. But without the horse drawn carriage, elevators that think, and a battle for the sun, we couldn’t colonize the sky
  3. How We Invented The World: PlanesEvery hour 24/7, a million of us are soaring higher than Mt. Everest, safe inside a metal tube. But without bicycling brothers, a pair of frozen eyeballs, and two nervous breakdowns, man’s age-old dream of flight might never have left the ground.
  4. How We Invented the World: The CarWe have a love affair with our four wheeled freedom machines. But the car would’ve gone nowhere fast without a veterinarian’s birthday gift for his son, an inventor named Benz who had a willful wife, and an oil chemist who played with fire.

Channel: Discovery Channel / Discovery Networks International

Producer: Nutopia

TX: 19th March 2013

Source: Discovery Channel press release


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