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Greenlit: Funeral Boss, Discovery Fit & Health

Funeral Boss (6 x ) – Helping a family cope with the loss of a loved one takes a very special individual.  This series introduces CEO and patriarch Bill Harris, an expert in the funeral industry and the heart and soul behind this family business.  A perfectionist, he insists on running the business a certain way – his way, but with three sons and a daughter working for him, he’s hoping to pass that dedication on to the next generation.

Despite all the hustle and high drama, one thing they all agree on is that the funeral business with its constant focus on the grief of loss and the celebration of life is intense, emotional and about as high-pressure as any industry can get.  Each episode documents the Harris clan as they help new families on the emotional journey of saying goodbye to a loved one.

Bill’s oldest son, William III, thinks he is second in command. Leaving his rough and rugged past behind, he’s turned over a new leaf – aspiring to one day take over the family business and become the boss. This dream has the potential to be crushed by Tiara, CFO and Daddy’s “baby girl,” who is not afraid to use her pretty pout to get ahead of her brothers. Windall is the laid back son, but don’t let his relaxed demeanor fool you, he knows just how to keep his slacking siblings in line. Last, there’s Westley – the light-hearted member of the bunch who is all about family and a good time, as long as he isn’t asked for any favors.

Watch as one loving household battles to balance running a business with the difficulties of family life. Can Bill keep his children in line or will their struggle for power cause him and the business to come crashing down?

Channnel: Discovery Fit & Health

Producer:  High Noon Entertainment /Coolfire Originals Media

TX: 14th March 2013

Source: Discovery Fit & Health press release


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