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Greenlit: Burger Land, Travel Channel

Burger Land (11 x 30′) – From California to Connecticut, a great juicy hamburger is considered by all to be a classic American food. But burgers are not the same everywhere you go; from state to state, they all tell a different story. And no one understands this better than George Motz, a self-proclaimed hamburger expert. In each episode, Motz takes viewers on a taste-testing adventure across America, exploring the nation’s most iconic and historic burger joints to reveal what goes into making these burgers the best in the land.

After years of exploring and studying the art of burger creation for his award-winning documentary and best-selling book, “Hamburger America,” Motz has an expert’s palate of what makes a great burger and the necessary high standards for greatness. Crisscrossing the country, Motz tours a different region each week, focusing on three established burger spots plus one “newcomer” that’s proven it can hold its own amongst the greats. Each city embraces its own burger style; whether it’s their regional flavors, style of cooking, methods of presenting, toppings or size, there’s much to be revealed about a location from each beloved burger.
In the premiere episode, Motz goes west to explore the classic burger joints of Los Angeles’ SoCal food scene – places that guard the tradition of burgers and their ties to car culture in an ever-changing cityscape. Motz enjoys meals at the Apple Pan and Pie ‘N Burger, two nostalgic favorites known for their burgers as well as their pie. Next he heads to Marty’s – one of the few remaining walk-up burger stands in L.A. – for a Combo, which stacks two American favorites, the burger and the hot dog, right on top of each other. Then, with the help of local burger lover Brad Morris, Motz discovers Charlie’s – an old farm-to-table favorite hidden within the original L.A. Farmer’s Market. Finally, Motz stops by Irv’s, one of his all-time favorite hamburger stands, at risk of closing their doors for good if not for support from the mayor of West Hollywood.
In the second episode, Motz travels to sunny Miami to sample burgers with the city’s Latin-inspired flavors. He visits family-owned competitors, El Rey de las Fritas and El Mago de las Fritas, for classic Cuban fritas – hamburgers covered in thinly cut, fried potatoes. Next, he heads to the Latin Burger, a food truck reminiscent of Cuban street vendors that serves up a Latin Macho – two ground beef and chorizo patties.  For a new burger experience, Motz stops at the brand new Pincho Factory for a Nicaraguan-inspired burger which, instead of a bun, is framed between two fried plantains. Motz’s friend, Sef Gonzalez – also known as the “Burger Beast” – joins him for the burger-tasting journey and a little Spanish translation.
Additional locations include Wisconsin, New Jersey, Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Mississippi, New York, Tennessee, North Carolina, Washington D.C., and Illinois.
Channel: Travel Channel

Producer: Magilla Entertainment

TX: 15th April 2013

Source: Travel Channel press release


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