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Greenlit: Life Flight, TNT

Life Flight (6 x ) –  Unscripted docu-drama that follows air-ambulance teams as they race to save lives.  The series follows the dedicated teams from Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center, where the Life Flight service was born. It is an all-access pass to the split-second decisions that air-ambulance teams have to make while trying to perform life-saving procedures both on the ground and hundreds of feet in the air. The teams are made up of real-life heroes, from the helicopter pilots who spring to action when accidents occur to the doctors, paramedics and nurses who form the last line of defense to fight off death as they treat critically injured patients.

The show also takes viewers behind the emergency room doors at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center, where doctors, nurses and trauma surgeons do everything they can to save each patient brought in by the Life Flight teams. Above all else, Life Flight is about how 60 minutes in the hands of true heroes can mean the difference between life and death.

Channel: TNT

Producer: Fox Television Studios / Boardwalk Entertainment Group

TX: Early 2014

Source: TNT press release


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