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Greenlit: Hidden in America, Destination America

Hidden in America ( x 60′) – A new anthology series that travels behind the veil of secrecy to explore a members-only world. Featuring interviews with individuals directly tied to each group, these first-hand insights reveal little-known facts and breathe a gripping reality into communities largely shrouded in mystery and legend.

Episode include:

  • Hidden in America: Underground Fight Clubs  – From backyard brawls in Silicon Valley to kung fu battles in the backstreets of the Bronx, this film investigates the codes and core values of America’s underground fight clubs. What drives men to battle their fellow men in unrestricted hand-to-hand combat? Why are some fighting styles outlawed, forcing their proponents to operate in clandestine locations? And with the rise of no-rules Mixed Martial Arts, is America becoming addicted to violence? Experts explore the reasons and hidden desires behind fight club members’ primal urges to do battle, and the heavy physical and emotional toll these often unsanctioned clashes can have.
  • Hidden in America: Mormons  Founded by a teenager in the 1820s, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints now has a following 14 million strong in 170 countries. Despite being “made in America,” the religion remains mysterious to most Americans, its beliefs often misunderstood and its rituals kept closely hidden. This special delves into the lives of modern-day Mormons, sorting fact from fiction, to discover the truth behind their faith. From its polygamist and controversial roots, the Church has reinvented itself to fit its modern context. Using perspectives from the faith’s inner circle – and from those forced onto its fringes – this film  examines how Mormons have shaped the history of America and what role they may play in its future.

Channnel: Destination America

Producer: Beyond Entertainment

TX: 9th March 2013

Source: Destination America press release


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