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Greenlit: Gibraltar: Britain in the Sun, Channel 5

Gibraltar: Britain in the Sun Coming (6 x 60′) – An observational documentary series about Gibraltar, one of the world’s smallest overseas territories. With the blessing of Gibraltar House and the support of the Gibraltarians and expats, the series weaves a fantastically original narrative about a beautiful, sun-drenched rocky outpost that is a reflection of life on mainland Britain.

Two miles long and only one mile wide, Gibraltar is a wedge-shaped lump of limestone at the bottom of Spain and crammed inside are 27,000 larger than life Brits. Free roaming apes contrast with the red phone boxes and traditional British Bobbies – Gibraltar is Britain in the sun.

It may only be two square miles but size doesn’t matter when you have characters as big as the Gibraltarians. The programme has  access to The Border Police and Customs, the hospital, the airport, navy, mortuary, wedding planner, lifeguards as well as the numerous characters living and working in the docks, beaches and tourist attractions.

Channel: Channel 5

Producer: Shiver


Source: Channel 5 press release


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