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Greenlit: Deceived, TV One

Deceived – Taking a cue from recent headlines of  love gone wrong, this docuseries delves into the lives of victims who have fallen prey to con artists, charlatans and thieves. It tells the real-life stories of men and women who have been betrayed by someone they trusted through the victims’ testimony, re-enactments, and interviews with close family members and friends.

Season one of Deceived explores the following real-life tales of fraud and treachery:

  • Doctor of Deceit – a woman is deceived by a charming man posing as a doctor from Chicago.
  • False Profit – a pastor with an appealing real estate investment opportunity cons hundreds of churches out of money, revealing him as a man of greed, rather than a man of God.
  • Till Death Do us Part – a woman learns of her husband’s sinister plans to solve their marital troubles.
  • Badge of Dishonor – a man posing as a police officer brings corruption and villainy to an unsuspecting town.
  • Sweetheart Swindler – a smooth-talking lothario convinces a woman to sell her home and share all of her assets which soon begin to disappear.
  • Double Played – an athlete with star potential is conned by local sports agents with whom he placed his trust and money.
  • Thou Shall not Steal – a woman steals thousands of dollars from her local church and vanishes, leaving behind a family in search of answers.

Channel: TV One

Producer: Juma Entertainment

TX: 25th March 2013

Source: TV One press release (via The Chocolate Voice)


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