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Greenlit: Super Bowl Tailgate Takeover, Travel Channel

Super Bowl Tailgate Takeover (1 x 60′)Adam Richman will visit NFL games to see how superfans tailgate in cities like Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Kansas City and more.  After learning from the nation’s foremost tailgate experts, Richman puts this knowledge to good use.  Days before The Event, Richman, along with his “tailgate takeover” tech and design team, will create two giant and insanely tricked-out tailgates side-by-side in the shadow of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome – each one customized for the fans of the contending Super Bowl teams.  He’ll then surprise one passionate and deserving fan from each team, turn over the keys to the tailgate and serve up the ultimate experience for them and their friends to enjoy leading up to kickoff.  Additionally, some NFL players stop by to join in the festivities.

Throughout the special, Richman and his tailgate team will build two of the biggest, most incredible and outrageous tailgate experiences to ever grace a sports-venue parking lot.  Viewers will get a peek at the massive 90” 3D swivel-mounted TV with several other small adjustable TV’s flanking it, ensuring that everyone can have the perfect viewing angle.  He’s also building one of the biggest grills to ever char a steak and a giant smoker that has to be towed in by a truck!  Beyond the food, there will be an unbelievable assortment of game-day gadgets, fun games, big toys and everything else needed to enjoy the tailgate in style.  Ultimately, Richman is customizing these tailgates for one specific fan of each Super Bowl team, and making sure that this is the “tailgate of their dreams” before The Big Game!

Channel: Travel Channel

Producer: Sharp Entertainment

TX: 30th January 2013

Source: Travel Channel press release (via TV by the Numbers)


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