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Greenlit: Rethink 50+ Town Hall, RLTV

Rethink 50+ Town Hall – Jane Pauley moderates a revealing discussion with a panel of thought leaders and industry experts, who explore the changing landscape of media and marketing as it relates to the generation that literally grew up along with the television industry.

For most of their lives, Boomers have been in the sweet spot for advertisers. Programmers have created content for this audience since they were children. However, Boomers have aged out of the traditional 18-49 advertising demo, and many marketers and content providers are just beginning to come to grips with the economic power and the sophistication of the growing 50+ market. This discussion featuring a panel of experts from the media and marketing worlds focuses on how the marketing and media worlds are responding to this most powerful of demographics. Are Boomers, being overlooked or are they holding their own in a youth-obsessed culture?  What are the results for the marketers and content producers who are creating new paradigms to reach this audience?

Two panels will address content and marketing issues. Panelists include:

  • AARP The Magazine‘s Editor-in-Chief Nancy Perry Graham ;
  • BBDO New York Managing Director Kirsten Flanik ;
  • CBS Chief Research Officer David Poltrack ;
  • Former TV One, Discovery Networks and CBS Television Stations Group President Johnathan Rodgers ;
  • NBC Research President Alan Wurtzel ;
  • New York Times Advertising Columnist Stuart Elliot ;
  • Starcom Mediavest Group LiquidThread Global President Brian Terkelson ;
  • Film and Theater Critic Jeffrey Lyons ; and
  • United Healthcare Chief Marketing Officer Terry Clark .

Channel: RLTV

Producer: Jay Garfinkel

TX: 7th February 2013

Source: RLTV press release


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