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Greenlit: Power Broker, HGTV

Power Broker (8 x ) –  The series features real estate agent Mike Aubrey who previously provided expertise in House Hunters and Real Estate Intervention.  Aubrey is one of the best negotiators in the business, with stats ranking him in the U.S. commission’s top 10 for Re/Max, and number 29 in the world.

 Providing a gritty, behind the scenes look at negotiation strategy and capturing the play-by-play of a good deal, Power Broker follows Aubrey as he works to save clients cash by driving a hard bargain, navigating the real estate market, and landing buyers a new home they never thought they could afford.  With help from contractor/designer Juan Barbieri who viewers first met on season five of The Bachelorette, buyers can use the money they save to transform fixer-uppers into the best houses on the block.
In the series, Aubrey will prove it’s still a buyer’s market as he takes clients on tours, shows them what to look for, and teaches them how to decide if a home is ideal for a deal. Viewers will hang on to see the nail-biting negotiations, which house the buyers will get, what the selling price will be and how a makeover can turn a new purchase into a home that looks like it is worth much more than the buyer paid.
Channel: HGTV

Producer: Johlt Productions

TX: 23rd July 2013

Source: HGTV press release


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