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Greenlit: Monster Croc Hunt, Nat Geo Wild

Monster Croc Hunt (1 x 60′)  – A documentary that is a classic tale retold: a group of Filipino villagers hunt down a monster crocodile that has terrorized them for years, only to find that once captured they become enamoured with the monster.

Monster Croc Hunt follows a group of villagers terrorized by a monster croc. The people would love to take the monster out, but its home in the Agusan marsh is a strictly protected Wildlife Reserve. Killing the saltwater crocs in this region carries a maximum jail term of 12 years. Working with wildlife officer and croc legend Ronnie Sumiller, the villagers set traps in the creeks near their village. The beast they trap and pull from the swamp is more massive than anything they’ve ever seen. Crocodile biologist Adam Britton officially certifies it as the Guinness Book of Records’ largest crocodile in the world. With a growing attachment to the crocodile, which the villagers call Lolong, and the potential to create a sanctuary for him in their village, the tables turn on the creature and the villagers are now determined to look after him. And Lolong becomes a great source of pride and income.The film was shot around the small Filipino community of Bunawan, which was on the outskirts of a region plagued with an on-going war against Islamic separatists.

Channel: National Geographic WILD

Producer: NHNZ

TX: Late January 2013

Source: NHNZ press release


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