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Greenlit: Jodie Marsh: Can We Beat the Bullies?, Channel 5

Jodie Marsh: Can We Beat The Bullies? (2 x 60′) – Every day, thousands of children are physically and mentally abused by bullies – physically hurt, verbally insulted, at school, in the street, online …  for the victims, there’s no escape.  For Jodie Marsh, it’s an issue that’s personal as bullying profoundly changed her own life. She faced up to this in her previous documentary My Secret Past and now she wants to shine a light on this nationwide issue and look at what can be done.

In this series, Jodie is going Stateside to find out why tackling bullying in schools has become a national priority.  After bullying was associated with many shocking suicides and school shootings the American legal system responded by creating an anti-bullying law in almost every state in the US.  Jodie’s journey begins at the site of one of these ‘Columbine style’ school shootings as well as meeting American families who’ve suffered the loss of their children, to understand how bad bullying can get in the US.
She also travels all over the US to meet inspirational teachers who are using ground breaking anti bullying methods in their schools, and vows to bring some of their ideas back with her to seed within a British school.
On her return to the UK, Jodie’s determined to take her anti bullying message into British schools. She takes over a secondary school and tries to implement some of the ideas she found in the States to see if she stop bullying in that school forever. It’s an ambitious plan and one she is extremely passionate about, but will she succeed?

Channel: Channel 5

Producer: Dragonfly / Group M Entertainment


Source: Channel 5 press release


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