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Greenlit: Family Trade, GSN

Family Trade ( x 30′) -At G-Stone Motors, a state-of-the-art GMC and Ford dealership in Middlebury, Vermont, the saying is, “We’ll take anything in trade.”  And they mean it.  Founder Gardner Stone will trade you a beautiful new car or truck for anything you’ve got that he thinks he can sell—pigs, a hot air balloon, coffins, maple syrup, dolls, a shoe collection.  But Stone’s son Todd and daughter Darcy, who work with him in the business, usually have very different ideas about what makes a good trade, and they have the unenviable task of re-selling whatever their father has bought.  Each episode features the outrageous, hilarious, hotly contested barter stories at G-Stone Motors—with a simmering stew of family drama cooking alongside.

Channel: GSN

Producer: Rogue Atlas Productions

TX: 12th March 2013

Source: GSN press release


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