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Greenlit: Boomers 2.0: A Generation Re-Imagined, RLTV

Boomers 2.0: A Generation Re-Imagined (1 x 60′) – The last of the boomers—the largest, most influential and affluent American demographic in history—will turn 50 in 2014, and the first have already crossed 66. This documentary explores the tremendous impact this demographic has on society, and looks forward to how boomers are changing the rules and re-inventing the face of aging.

It examines how boomers today are in fact reinventing themselves in many areas, including careers, multi-generational caretaking, and in leisure pursuits, using their experience as the basis for these changes.  The special takes a look at how the 50+ generation is tuned in to technology, and living longer, better lives – from fitness and health care to retirement planning – and how this reinvention is spawning a huge new marketplace.

Those interviewed for the documentary include:

  • AARP Foundation President Jo Ann Jenkins ;
  • AARP The Magazine‘s Editor-in-Chief Nancy Perry Graham ;
  • Agency Five-O founder Brent Bouchez ;
  • BoomAgers founder Peter Hubbell ;
  • Boom! Cosmetics Founder and CEO Cindy Joseph ;
  • Boston College economist Alicia Munnell ;
  • Green Ride co-founders Bob Flynn and Ray Schofield .
  • Lifestyle gerontologist Dr. Alexis Abramson ;
  • MIT Age Lab’s Joe Coughlin ; and
  • NBC Research President Alan Wurtzel .

Channel: RLTV

Producer: Peacock Productions

TX: 31st January 2013

Source: RLTV press release


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