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Greenlit: Otherkin, Logo

Otherkin  (1 x 60′) –  An observational documentary that reveals a community who see themselves as partially or entirely non-human and who have a spiritual or psychological identification with animals.

This secretive community is rarely seen in the media due to their worry of ridicule. The film follows a teenager from Brunswick, Georgia who believes he is a wolf and is obsessed with confirming this by changing his name legally to his wolf name, Shiro. The film also introduces the viewer to a commune of otherkin in upstate New York who include a human ‘raccoon’ and ‘leopard’ in a inter species polyamorous relationship and ‘wolf’ couple in West Sussex, England attempting to discover the basis for their identification with animals.

The show delves into the psychological background to the otherkin phenomenon and explores how individuals become otherkin and the pressures they face in living as an animal in a human orientated 21st century.

Channel: Logo

Producer: Zig Zag Productions

TX: Early 2013

Source: Zig Zag Productions press release


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