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Greenlit: Market Warriors, PBS

Market Warriors  –  Follows the antiques pickers, joined by new picker Benedicta “Bene” Raia, on treasure hunts nationwide as they scour flea markets for antiques and vintage valuables with an eye toward selling their finds for profit at auction. Over the course of nine new one-hour episodes, viewers will enjoy an up-close look at the fierce competition and obstacles the pickers face in the marketplace each week, and make their best guesses about who will come out ahead at the end of each episode. Episodes for the season were filmed at flea markets across the country, including Walnut, Iowa; Chicago, Illinois; New Milford, Connecticut; Long Beach, California; Chantilly, Virginia; Greenwich, New York; Oronoco, Minnesota; Rochester, Minnesota.

Channel: PBS

TX: 7th January 2013

Source: PBS press release


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