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Greenlit: Gem Hunt, Travel Channel

Gem Hunt (13 x 60′)  – Without risk, there’s no reward! The gem business is not for the faint of heart.  In this ‘buyers beware’ market, even years of knowledge and experience can fail during any given moment.

This series takes viewers inside the high-stakes business of gems, traveling directly to the world’s busiest and riskiest trading regions. Fascinating, exciting, unpredictable and embedded in some of the most remote locations, each episode follows gem dealer Ron LeBlanc, jewelry expert Diane Robinson and geologist Bernie Gaboury as they maneuver through mines, markets and tense negotiations in search of the world’s biggest, brightest and most profitable jewels.

With potentially enormous payoffs and the aspiration of finding the perfect stone as guiding forces, eccentric LeBlanc and his partners set out to bring back gems for their own discerning clientele.  From emeralds in Colombia and moonstone in Sri Lanka, to pearls in Myanmar and topaz in Brazil, behind the glamour of these precious stones, there’s always the risk of danger. The team must enlist the security and proper precautions to get in and out of each country safely.  They quickly size up the players in each locale, ensure if the goods are authentic or potential fakes, and negotiate the best price before the stone is cut.  If the stone is not cut flawlessly, it can render an entire purchase worthless.

In the season premiere, LeBlanc, Robinson and Gaboury travel to Vietnam to score high-rolling star rubies. Operating under the Government’s radar, things don’t always go as planned and almost immediately the team spots a fake stone being pushed on them. In hopes of finding better, they head directly to the rubies’ source – an area where no gem hunter has gone before. Riding into the heartland of communism, they’re tailed by a government agent who intends to make sure they leave empty handed. Finally the group connects with the big players who have the monster rubies….and cunning schemes to taint their judgment using homemade Vietnamese moonshine. With time running out, LeBlanc hooks up with a private dealer who has just what he’s looking for. But the negotiations put everyone in a tough predicament.

Channel: Travel Channel

Producer: NHNZ

TX: 26th October 2013

Source: Travel Channel press release 


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