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Greenlit: Changing Fortunes, BBC World News

Changing Fortunes (6 x ) – A documentary series that challenges assumptions about patterns of wealth in the early 21st century.  It takes a contemporary look at the new generation of wealthy men and women that have emerged in the last two decades. The fall of the Soviet Union, the liberalization of India and the opening of China have brought vast new markets into the global economy. The resulting commodities boom has created an explosion of wealth from Brazil to Africa. And the internet and technology continue to generate new fortunes.

As a result, the rich are getting younger, more female and less Western.

From the United States, to Brazil, Europe, Africa, India and China – the series meets some of the innovators, entrepreneurs and business success stories whose fortunes offer a window into our rapidly changing world.

From the Nigerian entrepreneur heading one of Africa’s largest energy companies to the world-renowned beauty expert and CEO of a leading US cosmetics company, each episode in the series profiles individuals who will reveal their extraordinary journeys to success.

Channel: BBC World News (sponsored by Coutts)

Producer: Films of Record / Duke & Earl, the series will broadcast from 2 February 2012. Changing Fortunes is sponsored by Coutts.

TX: 2nd February 2013

Source: BBC press release


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