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Greenlit: Cage Fighters’ Wives, Channel 5

Cage Fighters’ Wives w/t (1 x 60′) – Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is big business – there are over 150 clubs across the UK and the sport is growing rapidly. But behind every deadly fighter there’s a woman cheering him on and giving him the support athletes of this calibre couldn’t do without. Gaining exclusive access to a normally closed world, Cage Fighters’ Wives (1 x 60 working title) asks these women how they deal with seeing their partners as the blows rain down and the blood flows.

The documentary takes a close look at what goes on between the cage fighters and the committed wives and the extremes these women will go to in order to make their relationships work. We meet Sarah Beddoe, the well-spoken and educated girlfriend who risked the relationship with her family for her Cockney cage fighting boyfriend, Brad. We also meet bad boy Colin’s wife, Maria, who has no idea what goes on behind the closed doors of her husband’s rigorous training schedule yet continues to support him.

It also introduces us to the wives who like to get their hands dirty. While her husband is leading his fighters into the ring, Maeve the GP is stitching up the wounds of the injured. With the health of these athletes is resting on her shoulders, can she cope with the responsibility?

Channel: Channel 5

Producer: STV TV Productions

TX: Spring 2013

Source: Channel 5 press release


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