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Greenlit: 2012: Mashed, Channel 4

2012:MASHED –  Rich Fulcher introduces an insane look at the big news events of 2012 through totally original commissioned media mash-ups made by the internet’s most famous names including Dan Bull, David Schneider, Cassette Boy and Rob Manuel. News events covered include Barclay’s Bank LIBOR fixing, Kate Middleton, 50 Shades of Grey and Lonesome George the Galapagos tortoise are all given the mash-up treatment. C4’s Drugs Live features with a trippy song ‘Tea’s a Drug’ (yep, The Shaman gave their approval) and a truly ‘spaced out’ version of the Felix Baumgartner. The US elections, the Olympics 2012 meets the London riots, the Jubilee, Julian Assange, Apple, The BBC, Duncan Bannatyne, the melt down of the Murdoch empire and a pre I’m A Celebrity David Haye, doing what he does, coming to blows with Derek Chisora in the lead-up press conference to their fight, are also covered. No one is safe.

Channel: Channel 3

Producer: The Connected Set


Source: Channel 4 press release


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