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Greenlit: Wingsuit Warrior: Jeb Corliss Vs. The World, 3net

Wingsuit Warrior: Jeb Corliss Vs. The World (1 x 60′) – Renowned BASE jumper and wingsuit pioneer Jeb Corliss crashed while wingsuit flying in Capetown, South Africa. The debilitating crash in early 2012 caused Jeb to break his leg, both ankles and opened a deep, gaping hole in his shin. This 3D special follows Jeb and wingsuit expert Joby Ogwyn as they take viewers through the arduous process of rehab, re-learning the skills of wingsuit flying and tackling some of the biggest mountains in Europe. Viewers will hear and see their incredible journey as they prepare to face their demons and find redemption on the deadly slope of Table Mountain in Cape Town, where Jeb came close to losing his life.

Channel: 3net

Producer:  3net Studios/ New Wave Entertainment.


Source: 3net press release


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