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Greenlit: Panic 9-1-1, A&E

Panic 9-1-1 (3 x 60′) – Using audio from real 9-1-1 calls to narrate the story, this series lets viewers experience every harrowing and terrifying moment of the callers’ ordeals.

More than half a million 9-1-1 calls are made every day in the U.S. For many, the dispatcher is the only link between life and death. One part thriller and one part true-crime show, each episode of features audio from real, urgent 9-1-1 calls between emergency dispatchers and frantic callers as life-and-death situations unfold around them in real time. Each call is a race against time where every second counts and getting the right details is crucial. Enhanced by stylized recreations and interviews with witnesses, officers, call dispatchers and, in some cases, the callers themselves,  it keeps the viewer guessing until the last second. Who lives and who dies remains a mystery until the very end.

In the premiere episode, emergency dispatchers in California receive an urgent call from a terrified single mother reporting an unknown intruder in her home. In Illinois, a lone gunman begins shooting a gun in a sporting goods store, and the store’s manager must choose whether to flee the scene or stay on the line in order to save those around him. On a dark night in Oklahoma, a grandmother faces the grim possibility of using deadly force to protect herself from an intruder while she waits for police to arrive on the scene.

Channel: A&E

Producer: Sirens Media

TX: 29th November 2012

Source: A&E press release


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