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Greenlit: Magical Mystery Tour, Channel 4

Magical Mystery Tour w/t (20 x 30′) –  Coach Trip’s Brendan Sheerin brings his legendary tour guiding experience as he leads eight tourists on five day trips of a lifetime to exciting and exotic destinations across the world.

The catch on this tour is that everything is a mystery – where people are staying, what they’ll be doing and who they are going to do it with. Contestants compete in mystery cultural challenges which will determine the quality of their holiday – winners earn mystery luxury upgrades like gourmet dinners, limos or suites in 5* hotels, whereas the losers must suffer budget downgrades and use public transport, stay on campsites or overnight in hostel dormitories.

Channel: Channel 4 Daytime

Producer: 12 Yard Productions

TX: 2013

Source: Channel 4 press release


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