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Greenlit: Extreme Cougar Wives, TLC

Extreme Cougar Wives (1 x 60′) –  Some lovers are star-crossed; others are decades-crossed. We go behind generational lines with three couples who live by the expression “age is only a number.” While these couples are in relationship bliss, friends, family, and onlookers often do little more than gawk or pass judgment.

The women you will meet are:

  • Hattie, age 76, only has an eye for the young bucks. And they have an eye for her-not many old women flaunt their sprightly sex lives. From blind dates to chance meetings by her hotel swimming pool, Hattie follows her bliss and never thinks twice. When she meets 25-year-old Andrew during her swim, the chase begins once again.
  • Stephanie, age 65, is tired of being a widow. 28-year-old Octavio is perfect-she loves him, loves the excitement, and loves that he won’t die of old age before she does. Octavio’s friends, however, aren’t as comfortable with his seasoned girlfriend.
  • Jude, age 53, first met 21-year-old Kevin while he was dating her daughter seven years ago, and she’s been managing his music career since he was 18. A year ago, Kevin professed his love and their relationship changed forever. They’ve committed for life, but Kevin still hasn’t told his parents. Including his mom, who’s younger than his lover.

Channel: TLC

Producer: Stiletto Television

TX: 25th November 2012

Source: TLC press release


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