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Greenlit: Deadliest Space Weather, The Weather Channel

Deadliest Space Weather w/t  (6 x 30′) – A new series that reveals extreme weather conditions that occur throughout our solar system, and explores the premise “What would happen if these harsh conditions could ever prevail on Earth?”

Rainstorms that can eat through solid steel, hurricane winds that blow at 1,600 miles per hour, and lightning bolts 10,000 times more powerful than anything on Earth exist elsewhere in our solar system. “Deadliest Space Weather” – through the use of cutting-edge graphics and vivid explanations from scientists – illustrates not only what these storms are like on other planets, but speculates what these extreme weather conditions would be like if they ever occurred on Earth, with examples such as Venus’s deadly acid rain, Saturn’s violent winds, and Mars’ massive dust storms.

Channel: The Weather Channel

Producer: Flight 33

TX: January 2013

Source: Weather Channel press release


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