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Greenlit: Botched Up Bodies, Channel 5

Botched Up Bodies (2 x 60′) – This documentary miniseries gains exclusive behind the scenes access to the renowned plastics unit at The Chelsea & Westminster Hospital.  We meet the people whose bodies have been botched up and we’ll follow the hero surgeons whose job it is to fix the problems and finally give these people the bums and boobs, faces and tums they’ve always wanted.

With bargain basement cosmetic surgery and high street fillers comes an even greater risk that something will go wrong and it’s down to some of Britain’s top surgeons, through the NHS as well as private, to correct these problems.

With no guarantee that the NHS can help those in need of corrective surgery unless it’s an emergency, this documentary highlights the great work undertaken by the Chelsea & Westminster cosmetic heroes and those who are left to live and deal with their botched up bodies.

Leading cranio-facial surgeon Niall Kirkpatrick, Lead Clinician for the Cranio-Facial Unit at The Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, wants the NHS to stop taking on these cases and is calling for the currently unregulated private sector to be held accountable.  “If we do not act to regulate the private sector this is the future for the NHS.  The strain is just too much, not only on the NHS – hospitals and GP’s – but on the economy.  Private cosmetic surgery is rife for abuse without proper regulations; this is a serious problem that will not go away.”

Channel: Channel 5

Producer: Transparent Television

TX: 2013

Source: Channel 5 press release


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