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Greenlit: All You Need is Gok, Channel 4

All You Need is Gok – Each week Gok Wan takes a loveless lady under his wing for a total transformation including a radical makeover of her dating wardrobe.  Gok will be their personal stylist, flirting coach, wingman, agony uncle and matchmaker.  From never-been-kissed 30-somethings to divorcees who need to learn the new rules of dating in their 40s,Gok will come to the aid of a whole range of women across the series. When it comes to styling, he’ll be giving them ultimate confidence.  Head to toe, Gok will transform their clothes, hair, makeup and attitude.

Once their look is under control, it’s time for Gok to turn into the ultimate wingman as he will give crash courses in flirting. Gok has created his own “how to guide” for attracting the opposite sex.  Forget the “bend and snap”, Gok’s unlucky-in-love ladies will learn a host of practical skills including the “AAA” which is assess, attract and action, as well as the “drive by” for getting noticed by potential love interests in a packed bar.

Practise makes perfect and once Gok’s protégées have got to grips with the art of flirting and had their confidence boosted, Gok will choose a romantic date in an incredible location to prove just how far his singletons come.

But these transformations aren’t just about the reveal of a new look.  Several weeks after the big final date, Gok will reunite with each lady to see how they have fared without him by their side. Did their confidence deflate or have they gone from strength to strength?   Are they now in the dating game?   And the burning question, have they said goodbye to their life as a singleton and finally found love?

Channel: Channel 4

Producer: Riccochet

TX: Christmas 2012

Source: Shed Media press release


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